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Mr. Robert Gathers

President and CEO Of Unity Association

Mr. Gathers
was  born in Boulder Colorado and a 60 year resident of the state. 

Bob and his wife Marty have three daughters and nine grandchildren.

Marty has her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology.

Bob has degrees in both Structural Engineering and Business. In the early part of Mr. Gathers career worked for and then employed Mr. John Vincent Atanasoff the inventor of the digital computer, 
 Unity Community, In culmination a 51 year study in human life experience.

The City is a trip back to days when locking your doors were seen as unnecessary. A trip forward technologically filled with all the modern conveniences Known to man. People working together building a community they are proud to be a part of. Come join us and make a difference. Take pride in a community you help build.

Thank you for your time and consideration. 

Mr. Robert Gathers And Family


why Unity Community

 Unity Association         About our President

Unity Community

"A New Way Of Living"

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Developers invited.

We are looking for developers wanting to see change in the way communities live today. Are you ready to get involved in the most innovative  concept in living anywhere on the globe? 

 If so please email your interests to

Jeff our V.P. of development.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Safety And Security 

There is an atmosphere around the world and our nation people wanting to see real change. crime and its dangers have crept into even the safest communities. We all want safer more secure lives.

Typical politics as usual is unacceptable. A change needs to take place. Unity Community addresses our most common needs and provides a life Style unlike any other community in the World.

A New Way Of Living

With our technology background, expertise in engineering and property development we are paving a road to the "Ideal Life".

Unity Community is the most unique and forward thinking concept in living today.

Become a first resident of the City of the future!

 Contact and let us know your interest. 

Join us today and make a difference.

If Interested  please contact

Dennis our V.P. Of sales.

Thank you for Your time and consideration.


5600 E Hwy 86, Franktown, CO 80116