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Personal health is a close second to

Safety and Security. The City will provide the Cleanest and healthiest environments 

with virtually no pollution. The atmosphere will be filtered and oxygen levels optimized. Even barometric controls to regulate comfort for our residents. Fully automated electric transportation vehicles freeing you from any auto related pollutants.


Triple AAA estimates the average American spends over 10,000 dollars annually on automotive related expenses. The City eliminates all automotive related expenses.

Close to a 20% savings for the average household income. Fully automated electric transportation system pollution free user friendly. No auto related accidents or Injuries.

 Unity Community

"A New Way Of Living"

Safety And Security

 the number one concern for all of us is our personel safety. Protecting that safety with state of the art security is Unity Communities number one goal.  

Communities once safe, experience increased fear of  crime creeping closer and closer to their doorsteps.

A criminal justice system unable to provide the security we once enjoyed. Rights now protecting and supporting the criminal not the victims of Crime.

The City addresses our deepest concerns with safety And security.

No Auto related accidents or injuries. No steps anywhere in the City. To see in detail safety and security provided by The City

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 The City 

A Futuristic Concept In Living



Just behind our personal health is our financial health. As we watch the economies around the world teeter back and forth The city provides security against the economic storms surrounding us. From the elimination of automotive expenses to drastically decreased utility and all other daily expenses.


Managing our finances can be a true nightmare. Unity Community will eliminate the stress of dealing with this currant systems complicated financial requirements. Professional financial officers will provide smooth easy financial controls and a simple equity system.