Everything is very close and accessible.

The City will have very little resemblance to the typical

community today.

Everything is planned and constructed with convenience and accessibility as our goal. Traffic flow, work hours traffic congestion, community events, any commercial entities attracting traffic flow are planned, and location in the City are carefully considered. 

All commercial and retail needs can be purchased online by our residents. In most cases delivery is within hours.

Community Positive I.D. And Convenience

The weather is perfect outside 365 24/7. Every day is a beautiful day in the City.

The environment is perfect. It never rains. It never snows. The temp is ideal.

When you enter a store you are recognized by your positive I.D.

You pick up your items and all items removed out of the retail location are automatically billed to your equity account. No lines, no tellers, just in and out. The City is committed to convenience for all its residents.

Accessibility in the City

Convenience Continued

Unity Community  

"A New Way Of Living"

Thank you for your time and consideration

5600 E Hwy 86, Franktown, CO 80116


Community positive I.D. and convenience

You go to your doctor appointment when entering the facility Your I.D. is recognized, no sign in is required.

Your positive I.D. will check you into most events without the need for ticket purchase on location, or a ticket taker admitting entrance.

Your positive I.D. is your friend don't forget it. Even using public transportation, a positive I. D. is a must have.

Transportation in the City

The Cities transportation system is designed for absolute convenience.

You can order a pick up from almost any location in the City.

You can order a pick up from our own mobile android application, in minutes your carriage awaits you. When picked up no stops until you reach your final destination.

After entering the vehicle, voice command and a new destination is logged. In no time at all you arrive.

Its Saturday night fever lets disco the night away!

Our Currant system is flawed

Nothing we do today is designed for convenience. Communities are set up making it difficult to find any real example of convenience. Shopping alone can take a whole day to complete for most of us outside the City. Commute time, traffic, flat tire, accident up ahead and hundreds of other possibilities turn the day into a travel through quick sand.

The City is conceived with convenience as a priority. Time is an asset once lost can never be recovered.

Its about getting control of our wasted time. Spending it with value. What do you love and really value?

More time with loved ones? Finish that novel you have sworn to complete? Whatever your dream if time and convenience are a issue the City might be the answer.