Thank You For Your Time  And Consideration

Economy continued 

Everything is less expensive in the City 


Unity Community

"A New Way Of Living"


5600 E Hwy 86, Franktown, CO 80116

Everything is much closer minimizing commute time.

Our time is our most valuable asset.

The City is designed for efficiency. Efficiency maximizing productivity.

Maximum productivity is profit. Profit gives us a huge smile, smiling is contagious, everyone benefits.

Home shopping is a relaxed way to go. If you want to get out of the house, more power to you!

If you decide to order your groceries or any other household needs do so from the comfort of home.

A couple hours later home delivery, Boom dinner is served.

Giving our residents the freedom for more enjoyable more profitable activities.

All Commerce is less in the City

We are inviting you to become a part of the future today. Do you understand how your behavior effects others? How others effect you? The City provides the respect each of us deserve personally. We are looking for those who live by the rules. Who understand the need for structure and order in a community.

All without the loss of even one moment of fun! The City will provide lots of opportunity to get your groove on! Unlike other communities everyone, regardless of financial means, receive the same service and benefits provided by Unity Communities.

No shoplifting


Little to no resemblance with common retail or commercial property sets. No automotive sections. Small gardening section. Very little home improvement.

Retail is set up making it almost impossible to shop lift. Retailers commonly ad 15 to 20 percent mark up to cover shoplifting costs. The City will pass on to our residents those cost savings.

Everything is less expensive in the City

Everything, and that includes every expense, is less in The City.

The enclosed building design and construction insure a well insulated complex lowering the cost of environmental controls. Heat and A.C. will almost be eliminated residentially saving occupants thousands of dollars annually in utility costs.

The environment is controlled and virtually pollution free. No smoking anywhere in the City.

No steps or tripping, The building is disaster proof.

Lowering health and safety risk drastically.

Making the city the lowest risk for heath related and injury related claims.

All leading to much lower medical expense and a better standard of living.  

Transportation cost are almost eliminated

A study done by Tripple AAA found that the average American spends close to $10,000.00 annually in automotive related expenses.

This equates to a nearly 20% savings for the median income earner.

In the City transportation cost are almost completely eliminated.

Spend your time and money on more profitable pursuits. Weekends changing the oil, tuning your automobile up,

Or just washing waxing and beautifying it can end!! Free yourself from being owned by your possessions.