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The American dream of owning a home can quickly turn into a nightmare after you learn about all the hidden costs!

When my brother Jeff and his wife Debbie bought their first home, he budgeted $250 a month for maintenance costs.
He soon found out it was $300 a month — just to maintain the lawn.
"I have to admit, I was rather naïve about the costs involved in being a homeowner," he said.
Two months after they moved in, he accidentally backed into the house while driving a large truck, damaging the gutter. That was $900. Then the air conditioner went on the fritz. That was $8,000 to replace. They soon discovered that their neighborhood is prone to power outages, so they needed to consider dropping $10,000 for a backup generator.

The City will save you thousands a year in unknown and unexpected  homeowner  expenses. Listed are a few of literally hundreds of possibilities just waiting to high jack your finances.

Residents will have one basic equity account

Unity Community

"A new Way Of Living"


Residents will have one basic equity account

Residents will have one basic equity account. Any financial transactions will be done through that account. When shopping online or shopping at a City store all will be covered by your City equity account.

One statement monthly covering all financial transactions during the month. Easy to review even easier to manage.

The City and some of the financial savings you will enjoy

Everything is less expensive in the City. Just the homeowner related savings are huge. The time regained on the weekend alone will open the doors to a world of new possibilities.

What will you do with all the money saved once you no longer have automotive expenses?

Utilities alone will put green back where it belongs, your wallet! Nothing more satisfying than a wallet that is really uncomfortable to sit on.

Future medical expenses. Once you have lived in the City a couple years your health should be in upward mobility.

As you can see, the financial advantages living in the City are immense.

Our residents will enjoy more leisure time and less stress

in their daily lives.

Who hasn't said," I wish I had more leisure time and less stress" at some point in their life?

Take the money, go on that cruise you and

your love have planned for years. Put it in your mattress for a rainy day adventure.

Maybe just hang out in the city enjoying all of the community related happenings.

Finance continued

Thank you for your time and consideration