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Health And Healthcare

Health is a major focus of the City

Our modern health care system and the accompanying technological advances have provided each of us with the possibility of receiving excellent health care.

How would you like the chance to live in a community where the health care provided is the most advanced technologically in the world?

How would you like to live in a community where the health care providers are selected at the top of their prospective fields?

Doctors and nursing staff who make house calls.

The City will provide for its residents health care equipment and staff unlike anywhere else.

The perfect atmosphere

With virtually no pollution. The atmosphere will be filtered and oxygen levels optimized. Even barometric  pressure controls to regulate comfort for our residents. Fully automated electric transportation vehicles freeing you from any auto related pollutants Or the possibility of bodily injury. With virtually no pollution the City will provide for its residents the cleanest most comfortable atmosphere available to anyone living today. In the busy fast pace lives most of us live, Taking care of our self can be difficult. The City and its staff are committed to the health  security and well being of each individual resident.

Unity Community

"A New Way Of Living"

Health And Healthcare Continued


Thirty percent of men and 19 percent of women around the world smoke. One hundred thousand children under the age of 15 start every day. One of every ten deaths around the world is caused by a smoking-related disease.There are over 4,000 chemicals in a single cigarette, some of which are highly poisonous. Examples include naphthalene, which is used in moth repellent; acetone, the main component of nail polish remover; butane, a constituent of lighter fluid; and formaldehyde, used in embalming. there will be absolutely no smoking in the City. Any violations will require immediate forfeit of your occupancy as a resident in the City.

Nutrition based food availability

A team of nutritionists will monitor the City food supply. Their responsibilities will include retail and food service distribution. Providing our residents with the finest quality groceries available.

We will focus on all natural means of farming free from chemical or pesticide use. A percentage of our produce  grown and provided by the City for retail and food service use.

All organic and natural no chemicals or pesticides used in production.

Lower Healthcare costs to all residents

The City will offer healthcare plans at a drastically lower cost to its residents.

Safety security and health provided by the City will lower risk lowering cost substantially. these savings will be passed directly to our residents.

Taking all into consideration combined with a more efficient use of medical staff and all related technologies the City will provide much more at a much lower cost.


Thank You for Your Time And Consideration