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Safety And Security Continued

Safety And Security

Thank You For Your Time And Consideration

Gated community

There will be multiple entrance exit locations for all means of commerce and personal use. All  manned by security staff  using state of the art scanning equipment.

No firearms in the City

Weapons Are not allowed inside the City walls. Residents who have concealed weapons permit can check their weapons in at any security location with a weapons storage locker provided by the City.

Positive I.D. required for all residents

Residents will apply for occupancy.  Each individual will go through a comprehensive back ground check before being considered for residency. The terms of agreement protect the City and its residents. All potential residents must sign the terms before being granted citizenship.

Positive I.D. anyone working inside the City

Residents, City staff, people involved in any form of commerce. Family and or friends visiting. Anyone who needs access to the inside of the complex will be security scanned and screened before entering the City.



No changes in elevation 

There will be no steps threw out the City. Steps and tripping are one of the top 5 causes for injury in a standard building complex.

Virtually disaster proof building

The City design and construction make it virtually disaster proof. Outside of a direct hit by a asteroid or meteor can withstand anything mother nature has to throw her way.

Constructed of steel and concrete will last for thousands of years. 

Internal security

Each level will provide a small security staff. They will focus on any level related security issues. Also used as escorts in and out of the City.

Controlled atmosphere

With virtually no pollution. The atmosphere will be filtered and oxygen levels optimized. Even barometric pressure controls to regulate comfort for our residents. Fully automated electric transportation vehicles freeing you from any auto related pollutants. 

No traffic related accidents or injuries
Transportation in the city will run on a computer controlled magnetic road system, designed to be free from injury or accidents of any kind.

All residents will have complete background checks

No one with a criminal record or background will become a resident of the City. The City occupants must be of the highest social quality behavior and standing. the safety of all residents will depend on the quality of persons invited to be a part of this wonderful community. Do you have what it takes to become a resident in the futuristic Unity City.

Unity  Community

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