5600 E Hwy 86, Franktown, CO 80116

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Minimal distances traveled

City travel is set up to minimize travel distances. Residents will enjoy one way quick easy commutes to their daily destinations.

Don't want to go out grocery shopping? Order your groceries online with the Cities own web and android application, in only a couple hours your groceries are at your door! All provided through our home shopping and delivery network.

No stops

One way no stops transportation! Can you image no traffic jams? One way travel direct to your chosen destination.

No pollution created

100% electric absolutely no pollutants given off at all.

In cities across the globe, the personal automobile is the single greatest polluter, as emissions from a billion vehicles on the road add up to a planet-wide problem. Driving a private car is a typical citizen's most air polluting activity. The negative effects of automotive emissions are maximum when you sit in traffic surrounded by cars, their engines idling. Everyone sitting in a traffic jam is getting poisoned.

Maximum speed Limit is 30MPH

When your living in a great environment,just take a look around you, no ones in a hurry.

Distances are short and safety is number one, speed kills.

Specially adaptable maintinience and trash vehicles

City maintenance and trash vehicles designed to function on our transportation road system.

Let us do the driving your life may depend on it

All of us have experienced the pain of a friend or loved one hurt or even killed in a traffic related accident.

Just the cost of increased insurance rates after a ticket or accident is tough to deal with. 

There will be no auto insurance needed in the City. No accidents or traffic violations.

No more weekends spent tuning up, washing, waxing, changing the oil and cleaning up the mess.

The City frees you from all the seen and unseen cost of automotive ownership.

Frees you from the pollutants produced by automobiles and all other headaches that come with ownership maintenance and upkeep.

Unity Community

"A New Way Of Living"

All Electric

Our development team is working with several manufacturers looking to complete the transportation system. Once the City is built the transportation system will be complete and ready for installation.  

The transportation vehicle seats four facing each other in a Limousine environment.

State of the art, ergonomically designed interior, No windows provide personnel privacy.

Safety And Security is always our number one concern and motivating factor.

Everything designed and constructed in the City is injury proof. There are no steps, no change in elevation. We are committed to your health and safety.

The City is a wonderful mood enhancer, offering comfort safety and atmosphere, a perfect environment to live and work in.

The vehicle moves on a concrete magnetic computer controlled system. The system is all electric and all automatic. Very simple and easy to use. A residents positive I.D. is chipped when entering a vehicle you are recognized. Voice command "Home" Your on your way.

All Automatic

The transportation controls are in your hands. Use your android application to request transportation to your favorite destination. your at home grab the laptop or tablet to rustle up some transportation to your favorite BBQ restaurant  location.

While on the way you decide to change direction send a new destination from our transportation android application

Transportation Continued

Thank You For Your Time And Consideration